Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jesus Shaves

Read the article: "Jesus Shaves" by David Sedaris. Although a humorous essay, what is the important point Sedaris addresses in relation to religious belief? Why is this an important thing to keep in mind when studying religions?

Sedaris addresses the fact that many religions have drastically different beliefs, and that some people can find them ridiculuous or humorous if they hold a different belief. He uses the example of an Easter Bunny that comes on Easter, and the teacher finds this ridiculous. She says that a bell from Rome flies into Paris. Sedaris finds this funny, but near the end of the article he states that if he can hold faith in his beliefs, why not "give other improbabilities the benefit of the doubt? (Sedaris)" Everyone holds faith in their beliefs no matter how ridiculous they might sound to another person. The message Sedaris sends is that any belief can sound rediculous to someone who holds a different opinion.

This is important to keep in mind when studying religions because if you are not open to accept another idea as another belief, you will not learn them. There needs to be understanding between all people of different religions or there will not be peace.


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